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Why Choose Validation Cloud for Staking?

Why choose VC staking

Validation Cloud launched a Staking-as-a-Service platform to improve the speed, cost, and reliability of Ethereum validatorsThis is the fourth blog in our staking series. For an introduction to staking and its role in the blockchain industry, check out our first blog here. In this blog, we’ll share an overview of staking with Validation Cloud and what sets our staking platform apart from other staking providers in the industry.

Staking with Validation Cloud

Validation Cloud is typically one of the first partners of emerging networks, often getting involved in promising projects like Chainlink and Polygon at the pre-testnet stage. Our early involvement ensures all networks on our platform are properly vetted and trusted. By nurturing these early partnerships, Validation Cloud remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our users have access to the latest and most promising networks in the market. We can swiftly integrate new networks to our platform in a matter of days and spin up new validators with a single API call.

Staking with Validation Cloud is a streamlined and secure experience. Our platform dramatically improves the speed, cost, and reliability of Ethereum validators through UI and API-based validator deployments, automatic rewards management, and SOC2 compliance. With one-click deployment, validators can be set up on-demand with no pre-provisioning. Enterprises looking to engage with staking can rely on our enterprise-grade security and compliance — Validation Cloud is one of the only SOC2 compliant node and staking platforms.

Why Stake with Validation Cloud?
  • On-Demand Validators: We’ve made staking as easy as a single click. Our platform enables you to create Ethereum validators instantly, on-demand, at any scale. No more pre-provisioning or long waiting times.
  • Automatic Rewards Management: Validation Cloud’s on-chain smart contracts ensure that your rewards are automatically distributed to your wallet, eliminating intermediaries and counterparty risks.
  • SOC2 Compliance: Your security is our priority. We are proud to have achieved SOC2 compliance. As one of only a few SOC2 compliant node and staking platforms, Validation Cloud is leading the way in enterprise readiness and setting the highest standards for commercial compliance and data security.
  • Intuitive UI: Validation Cloud’s focus remains on crafting a user experience that’s familiar and intuitive, while keeping the benefits of decentralization and on-chain operations at the forefront of our staking solution. Staking ETH with Validation Cloud is now an identical experience to staking other digital assets.

Validation Cloud’s staking solution is a testament to the company’s dedication to user-centric design. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, Validation Cloud remains at the forefront of enterprise Web3 adoption, applying Web2 standards to welcome more users to the future of Web3.

We’re expanding our suite of tools and support for other assets to seamlessly connect you to the vast array of Web3 products and capabilities. Get connected at Contact us at to learn more.


About Validation Cloud

Validation Cloud is a Web3 data streaming and infrastructure company that connects organizations into Web3 through a fast, scalable, and intelligent platform. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Validation Cloud offers highly performant and customizable products in staking, node, and data-as-a-service. Learn more at| LinkedIn | X