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Validation Cloud Joins DIN

Validation Cloud Joins IN

Validation Cloud joined DIN, a decentralized RPC-as-a-service initiative to enhance the accessibility, reliability, and efficiency of Web3 data access by enabling developers to securely connect to Ethereum and other blockchain networks. This blog will give you an overview of node infrastructure, DIN, and why Validation Cloud joined DIN.

What is Node or RPC-as-a-Service?

In simple terms, a "node" is a computer connected to the blockchain, which helps by verifying, storing, and updating all of the transactions that happen across a particular network. This setup ensures that information is distributed across many points rather than centralized in one location, making the network more resilient and less prone to failure or attack. The collective effort of these nodes helps maintain the integrity and efficiency of the blockchain, ensuring that it operates seamlessly. Essentially, node infrastructure is the fundamental component that supports the operation and security of the blockchain network. Node-as-a-service enables developers to deploy, run, and scale decentralized applications without managing the underlying infrastructure, simplifying development processes and reducing operational overhead. To learn more about this infrastructure that supports the millions of users within the blockchain ecosystem, read our blog.  

What is DIN? 

DIN, or the Decentralized Infrastructure Network, is a decentralized Remote Procedure Call (dRPC)-as-a-service offering developed by Infura. This initiative aims to enhance the accessibility, reliability, and efficiency of Web3 data access by enabling developers to securely connect to Ethereum and other blockchain networks. DIN seeks to foster a decentralized internet infrastructure, providing a robust and efficient way for developers to interact with multiple blockchain APIs. By decentralizing the RPC layer—critical infrastructure that allows for the communication between various computer programs across the blockchain—DIN aims to enhance the scalability and accessibility of blockchain applications. By supporting a multi-chain world, DIN makes Web3 technologies more accessible and reliable for developers. 

Why Validation Cloud Joined DIN

Validation Cloud joined DIN to enhance access to RPC services and support more users building critical applications across Web3. DIN allows Validation Cloud to join other RPC providers to support a better user experience for builders across even more networks. Starting in early April, Validation Cloud will be supporting BNB and Avalanche on DIN.


About Validation Cloud

Validation Cloud is a Web3 data streaming and infrastructure company that connects organizations into Web3 through a fast, scalable, and intelligent platform. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Validation Cloud offers highly performant and customizable products in staking, node, and data-as-a-service. Learn more at | LinkedIn | X 

About Infura

The Infura development platform provides instant, scalable API access to a range of L1 and L2 networks including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Starknet, IPFS, Filecoin and other blockchain networks

About Consensys

Consensys is the leading blockchain and web3 software company. Since 2014, Consensys has been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering technological developments within the web3 ecosystem. Through our product suite, including the MetaMask platform, Infura, Linea, Diligence, and our NFT platform, we have become the trusted collaborator for users, creators, and developers on their path to build and belong in the world they want to see. Whether building a dapp, an NFT collection, a portfolio, or a better future, the instinct to build is universal. Consensys inspires and champions the builder instinct in everyone by making web3 universally easy to use and develop on. To explore our products and solutions, visit