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High Stakes with Alex Nwaka: Hyperledger's Daniela Barbosa [Podcast]

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Introducing Validation Cloud's NEW podcast: High Stakes with Alex Nwaka! Validation Cloud's CSO Alex Nwaka sits down with Hyperledger's Executive Director Daniela Barbosa to talk about enterprise adoption of Web3, interoperability, decentralized identities, and more. 

Episode Overview
  • Daniela's background and experience as Hyperledger's Executive Director
  • Misconceptions about Hyperledger
  • What draws institutions to Hyperledger Besu

"I think interoperability is a big requirement once again for adoption. There's not going to be one blockchain to rule them all. I think we've all decided that's definitely not happening. There's not going to be thousands, but there's going to be hundreds. Being able to connect these different networks and bring assets from one network to another...I think it's extremely, extremely important."

- Daniela Barbosa, Hyperledger

  • How far along we are in enterprise adoption of Web3 and blockchain
  • The promise of real-world assets
  • Hyperledger Cacti

"I see blockchain specifically as GPT, a general purpose technology. Regardless of what industry, blockchain could have a use case and it's not the panacea to solve everybody's problem. So when we're thinking about being able to address the needs across multiple industries, you really have to do that at the protocol or at the plumbing level as opposed to at the application level."

- Daniela Barbosa, Hyperledger

  • Challenges and catalysts to enterprise adoption
  • Daniela's High Stakes Hot Take for Web3 in 2024

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