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Empowering DeFi: Overview of dYdX's Layer 2 Blockchain

Empowering DeFi_ Overview of dYdXs Layer 2 Blockchain
What is dYdX Chain and how does it work?

dYdX is on a mission to democratize access to financial opportunity. dYdX Chain is a Layer 2 blockchain designed for decentralized trading, borrowing, and lending, built on the Ethereum network. The platform leverages StarkWare’s StarkEx scalability engine, which utilizes zero-knowledge rollups (ZK-rollups) to achieve high transaction throughput while maintaining the security features of Ethereum’s main chain. This layer 2 enables users to perform crypto trades at significantly lower costs and with reduced latency compared to traditional on-chain transactions on Ethereum. By batching and periodically settling transactions on the Ethereum network, dYdX ensures the security of every trade while also minimizing gas fees. Furthermore, dYdX utilizes a decentralized array of smart contracts to manage trades, collateral, liquidations, and governance, facilitating a trustless operating environment for its users.

Features of the dYdX Chain
  • Governance and Token Utility: The v4 update introduces new governance features that empower token holders with more control over the protocol's evolution. The token is used for staking to validators as well as ongoing governance, giving holders a direct stake in the operational and future development decisions of the chain.
  • Improved Order Types and Trading Features: dYdX supports reduce-only orders, which are crucial for traders looking to manage risk in their trading strategies. These orders ensure that positions are only reduced, not increased, providing an essential tool for risk management.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: With subaccount withdrawal gating and governance-enabled slashing mechanisms, dYdX enhances security and ensures robust compliance with trading regulations. These features help prevent unauthorized access and penalize malicious activities within the network.
  • IBC Withdrawal Rate Limiting: This feature introduces withdrawal rate limits that can be crucial during high volatility or network stress, ensuring the stability and security of assets within the dYdX ecosystem.
Validation Cloud X dYdX

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