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Autonity: Overview of the Blockchain for Decentralized Derivatives Clearing


Autonity is an EVM-based Layer 1 blockchain protocol specifically designed for peer-to-peer networks that host decentralized risk markets. As a permissionless network, Autonity stands out by offering open access to everyone, allowing anyone to operate a network node and participate in the ecosystem. This inclusivity fosters a decentralized environment, essential for the development and execution of transparent and secure applications.

Key Features of Autonity
  • Purpose-Built Protocol: Autonity is specifically designed as a settlement layer for smart derivatives contracts. This focus influences its consensus and mechanism design, tailoring them to meet the unique requirements of this application.
  • Native Utility Coin - Auton (ATN): The Auton is designed to be an ideal collateral asset for derivatives markets. It is particularly suited for counterparts from different currency areas and for trading in contingent claims that are not inherently tied to any fiat currency. This design supports a more seamless and flexible settlement process in a diversified international market environment.
  • Capital-Efficient Staking Model: Autonity's staking model is structured to optimize capital efficiency. It enables community members to contribute to network security by staking ATN, while simultaneously using the same collateral for settling transactions on the platform. This dual functionality enhances liquidity and utility for stakers, making it an attractive feature for participants who wish to maximize the use of their assets.
  • Staking Accountability Module: Autonity introduces a unique staking accountability mechanism that assigns penalties in a manner designed to discourage the centralization of voting power. This feature addresses a common issue in many Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) and delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) protocols where too much power tends to accumulate with a few participants, potentially compromising network integrity and fairness.
Validation Cloud x Autonity

Validation Cloud is proud to be a validator supporting the Autonity Piccadilly Testnet. The testnet is a key component of Autonity's development cycle, ensuring that all new elements are thoroughly vetted for stability and security. To foster transparency and provide detailed insights into the network's operation, Autonity has validator pages where users can view information about active validators, their performance, and overall contributions to the network's integrity. Check out Validation Cloud’s page.

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