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Ethos: L1 Using ETH Security to Power Blockchains


Ethos is an emerging Layer 1 blockchain designed to enhance the security infrastructure of other blockchain systems. It operates by integrating with Ethereum to utilize its economic security mechanisms. Essentially, Ethos fetches stake from operators on Ethereum and leverages them to provide a fortified security layer to other blockchains.

How does Ethos work?

The core functionality of Ethos revolves around the concept of restaking and validation. Operators on Ethereum can delegate their stake to node operators on Ethos. These node operators, in turn, use this stakedETH to provide enhanced security to the Ethos network and its connected ecosystems. This system allows Ethos to tap into the robust security framework of Ethereum, ensuring that smaller or emerging blockchains can also benefit from high-level security without starting from scratch.

Ethos primarily aims to serve the Cosmos ecosystem—a network of interconnected blockchains—by securing it through validation and restaking mechanisms facilitated by EigenLayer. Ethos is an Actively Validated Service (AVS) on EigenLayer, which allows restakers to delegate to Ethos Guardians. This method helps Cosmos chains to leverage Ethereum's established security features indirectly through Ethos.

Validation Cloud x Ethos

Validation Cloud is a validator supporting Ethos, ensuring the network's integrity, security, and performance. This partnership underscores a future where decentralized technologies achieve unprecedented reliability and trustworthiness. By supporting Ethos, Validation Cloud plays a crucial role in ensuring that the network operates smoothly and securely. Check out our validator page.

Looking Ahead

Ethos has successfully garnered substantial security commitments, with over $4 billion secured from various liquid restaking protocols. These protocols, including EtherFi, Puffer, Renzo, Swell, and Kelp, have pledged to allocate ether under their control for the security operations of Cosmos chains via Ethos and EigenLayer. This approach ensures security remains a top priority. As Ethos continues to evolve, it aims to expand its capabilities and influence within the blockchain ecosystem. This progression will involve enhancing its security features and possibly extending support to more blockchains under the Cosmos network. Validation Cloud is excited to support this journey, contributing its Web3 infrastructure expertise to the ecosystem.


About Validation Cloud

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