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Team Profiles: Muhammad Abbas

Team profile Muhammad

Get inspired by the talent and passion that drives Validation Cloud forward. Meet Mohammad Abbas, our skilled Strategy and Operations Lead based in Kafr Kanna, Israel.

Q: What’s your role at Validation Cloud? Tell me about your background and experience prior to joining the team.

A: I am the Strategy and Operations Lead at Validation Cloud. My journey here started with a dynamic two-month stint as a Blockchain Research Analyst Intern, where I got in and around the latest developments in blockchains, testnets, and immersed myself in Validation Cloud’s operations and culture. Initially, I started as an Information Scientist and Researcher at TASC Consulting & Capital, one of the leading consultancy firms in Israel. Later on, I was deeply involved in the crypto market as a Crypto Account Manager at eToro, managing significant investment accounts and navigating the complexities of the crypto market. These roles sharpened my analytical skills and deepened my understanding of blockchain technologies and financial markets. I also took a sabbatical to broaden my perspective, which included traveling and studying blockchain technology and data analytics in depth,  eventually leading me to Validation Cloud.

Q: What motivated you to join the Validation Cloud team, and in what ways do you envision your role supporting the company's mission?

A: I have been a part of the crypto community for years now. I stumbled upon Validation Cloud by fate while scavenging the web. Validation Cloud’s mission to drive innovation and institutional adoption is a core element for the evolution of the crypto space. This has led me to desire joining the Validation Cloud family. In my role as Strategy and Operations Lead, I aim to bridge our technical capabilities with business strategies to drive growth and efficiency. My focus is on researching and targeting new business ventures while optimizing our operations and aligning our project targets with market opportunities, which supports Validation Cloud’s mission to deliver top-tier Web3 blockchain solutions.

Q: How did your interest in Web3 technology develop, and how do you believe Web3's potential impact can be leveraged by Validation Cloud to empower organizations to tap into its potential?

A: My interest in Web3 technology is born from its potential to decentralize “power” and promote transparency, shifting control from centralized entities to the community. This resonates deeply with my ethos of equity and access. At Validation Cloud, we provide the tools to leverage those values, offering scalable, secure, and user-friendly solutions to blockchains, enabling organizations to adopt Web3 effortlessly and drive meaningful innovation in their operations. The paradigm revolution that Web3 is causing, will benefit both the individuals and institutions looking to get into Web3. This transparency also translates into an opportunity for institutions to better understand the landscape, analyze, and act accordingly on top of being part of the revolution itself.

Q: What unique features or advantages does Validation Cloud offer compared to other Web3 infrastructure companies?

A: Validation Cloud distinguishes itself through a focus on security, scalability, and user-friendliness. Our platform is designed to support enterprises in adopting blockchain technology seamlessly. We offer customized solutions that are not only secure but also easy to integrate, making blockchain accessible to companies without requiring them to be experts in the technology.

Q: Which team values resonate with you the most, and why?

A: Our identity as a team is shaped by the collective of our values, not merely by any single one among them. Having said that, determination is the value that resonates with me the most. It's the fuel that drives us at Validation Cloud to push boundaries, overcome setbacks, and continuously strive for excellence. This mirrors my personal ethos of never giving up and keeping your eyes on the prize, regardless of the challenges ahead. It's this shared determination that I believe sets our team apart and enables us to achieve remarkable results.

Q: What strategies will you implement to encourage effective collaboration with your team members in order to deliver high-performance and customizable products in staking, node operations, and data-as-a-service?

A: By harnessing analytical tools, we'll deepen our operational insights, enabling a data-driven approach to identify and pursue strategic business opportunities. This strategy will not only streamline our processes but also ensure our decisions are aligned with our goals, enhancing our ability to deliver tailored, high-quality solutions.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies or interests outside of Web3?

A: Outside of work, I love to travel and immerse myself in new cultures, which helps me stay open-minded and creative. I'm also an avid reader and film enthusiast, enjoying a mix of fiction, Japanese manga, and philosophy. In addition, I keep active with football (soccer) and caring for community cats as well. And of course, I enjoy gaming.

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