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Team Profiles: Matt Wahl

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Get inspired by the talent and passion that drives Validation Cloud forward. Meet Matt Wahl, our skilled Director of Business Development for Validation Cloud’s staking product based in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Q: What’s your role at Validation Cloud? Tell me about your background and experience prior to joining the team.

A: I’m the Director of Business Development for Validation Cloud’s staking-as-a-service product. While my background is in Enterprise Software, I’ve spent the last few years at US-based qualified custodians (Gemini and Standard Custody & Trust), helping traditional finance organizations adopt digital assets for their clients.

Q: What motivated you to join the Validation Cloud team, and in what ways do you envision your role supporting the company's mission?

A: I’ve been fortunate enough to be in this space since the early days of the institutional adoption narrative and immediately recognized the lack of proper infrastructure providers to support the transition into Web3. Early on in my interview process, I immediately recognized that the Validation Cloud team possessed the traits to solve this market need and knew my background aligned. My role will help introduce institutions to our platform and give them the confidence to build the future on Web3. 

Q: How did your interest in blockchain technology develop, and how do you believe blockchain's potential impact can be leveraged by Validation Cloud to empower organizations to tap into its potential?

A: My first deep dive into digital assets started with Bitcoin, and what really inspired me was the power of decentralized networks. I won’t claim to be an early adopter, so at this point in 2020, I was learning about Bitcoin’s history and how it had proven to not only withstand various kinds of attacks but grow stronger in the aftermath. There are countless use cases in both the corporate world and society at large where blockchains can drive tremendous value, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help make it a reality.

Q: What unique features or advantages does Validation Cloud offer compared to other Web3 infrastructure companies? 

A: Being a Swiss-based company that over-indexes on security, compliance, and performance separates Validation Cloud from a large majority of other Web3 infrastructure providers. This is especially true for institutional clients who demand enterprise-grade providers.

Q: Which team values resonate with you the most, and why?

A: Integrity. While there are many promising aspects of blockchain and Web3, there have been equally notable disappointments over the past few years. If we are to accomplish our mission in driving enterprise adoption, integrity will be at the forefront of that movement as we build trust with the partners who will help us accomplish our goals.

Q: What strategies will you implement to encourage effective collaboration with your team members in order to deliver high-performance and customizable products in staking, node operations, and data-as-a-service?

A: A huge advantage that startups possess is the ability for the entire organization to be truly connected and move quickly in the same direction. With this, I have already had the chance to bring cross-functional team members into calls with prospects and customers where the feedback on the call is immediately digested by the decision-makers in those areas. This level of collaboration yields fast and high-value outcomes.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies or interests outside of Web3?

A: I recently moved from Colorado to upstate NY, so I continue to spend as much time outdoors as possible with my wife and dog; hiking, skiing, camping, and exploring everything upstate has to offer.

About Validation Cloud

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