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Team Profiles: Kevin Matthews


Kevin Matthews

Get inspired by the talent and passion that drives Validation Cloud forward. Meet Kevin Matthews, our skilled Principal DevOps Engineer based in Liverpool, U.K.

Q: What inspired you to join the Validation Cloud team and how do you see your role contributing to the mission of the company?

A: Inspired by Validation Cloud’s ambitious mission to connect organizations to Web3, I was drawn to the company due to its forward-thinking approach and commitment to the future of web technologies. The prospect of being closer to blockchain, a transformative force in the industry, and contributing to the evolution of Web3 greatly resonated with my professional aspirations. Joining Validation Cloud is not just a career move but a deliberate choice to be at the forefront of innovation in the dynamic landscape of technology.

In my role at Validation Cloud, I am poised to contribute significantly to the company’s success by driving growth and implementing key pillars of standardization, reliability, and collaboration. I am enthusiastic about leveraging my skills to enhance the team’s performance, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. Standardization will be a focal point as we optimize processes, ensuring consistency across the organization. Additionally, I am dedicated to upholding the utmost reliability of our platform, recognizing its crucial role in connecting organizations to Web3. Emphasizing collaboration, I aim to promote open communication and knowledge-sharing, harnessing the collective expertise of our team to overcome challenges and achieve shared objectives. I look forward to playing a pivotal role in Validation Cloud’s continued success and growth in the dynamic landscape of web technologies.

Q: What is your role at Validation Cloud, and could you share some details about your previous experience and background?

A: As a Principal DevOps Engineer at Validation Cloud, my role involves leading the development and implementation of robust DevOps practices to optimize processes in alignment of the company’s mission. In my previous position as the Head of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) at Blockdaemon, I successfully led initiatives to enhance system reliability and scalability. Prior to that, I served as a Lead DevOps Engineer within KPMG, contributing to the integration of development and operations for improved efficiency. With a foundation in software development, my career reflects a profound passion for creating and implementing cutting-edge solutions. I bring extensive expertise in building and leading high-performance teams, implementing DevOps best practices, and navigating the unique challenges of the industry. I am excited about contributing to the success and growth of Validation Cloud through my experience and dedication to excellence.

Q: What are your thoughts on the potential impact of Web3 technology, and how do you think Validation Cloud can help organizations tap into its potential?

A: The potential impact of Web3 technology is significant, promising to revolutionize the way organizations operate, transact, and interact within a decentralized digital environment. Web3 has the potential to enhance transparency, security, and efficiency across various industries. Through robust validation processes, data integrity assurances, and innovative solutions, Validation Cloud empowers organizations to navigate and harness the transformative potential of Web3. By offering a reliable and collaborative platform, Validation Cloud plays a crucial role in enabling organizations to adopt and benefit from the decentralized technologies that define the future of the internet.

Q: What do you think sets Validation Cloud apart from other Web3 infrastructure companies?

A: What truly sets Validation Cloud apart from other Web3 infrastructure companies is the exceptional caliber of its team. Having joined the company relatively recently, it’s evident that the engineers here exhibit unparalleled dedication, motivation, and a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the company’s mission and customer satisfaction take precedence. The work ethic and commitment to excellence displayed by the team are not only commendable but also integral to the success of Validation Cloud. This collective spirit of hard work and customer-centric focus creates a dynamic and thriving environment, distinguishing Validation Cloud as a standout player in the Web3 landscape.

Q: Which team values resonate with you the most, and why?

A: While all these values are integral to our success, determination stands out as a key driving force, especially in the face of a sometimes turbulent market. In our pursuit of excellence, determination serves as a guiding principle, allowing us to stay focused on our goals and navigate challenges with unwavering resolve. It instills in us the mindset that, regardless of external circumstances, our commitment to achieving success remains steadfast. This value not only shapes our team’s culture but also propels us forward, ensuring that we remain dedicated to our objectives and resilient in the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 technologies.

Q: How do you plan on collaborating with other team members to deliver highly performant and customizable products in staking, node, and data-as-a-service?

A: Collaboration is key to delivering highly performant and customizable products at Validation Cloud. My approach involves fostering an environment of open communication and shared expertise within the team. Through regular cross-functional meetings, I plan to facilitate a collaborative exchange of ideas and insights among team members. By actively encouraging a solutions-oriented mindset, we can collectively address challenges and identify innovative approaches to enhance product performance. Through iterative feedback loops and a commitment to continuous improvement, I aim to leverage the collective strengths of the team to deliver cutting-edge and adaptable solutions.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies or interests outside of Web3?

A: Outside of work and the dynamic world of Web3, I have a variety of interests and hobbies that provide a balance to my professional life. I thoroughly enjoy playing football, finding it not only a great way to stay active but also a source of camaraderie and friendly competition. Regular gym sessions are a staple in my routine, contributing not only to physical fitness but also to overall well-being. A significant part of my leisure time is dedicated to spending quality moments with my kids and engaging in various activities that strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories. Balancing physical activities with family time allows me to approach leisure with a holistic perspective, ensuring a healthy mix of sports, fitness, and cherished moments with loved ones.

About Validation Cloud

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