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Node API Updated Pricing: Compute Unit Pricing for Limitless Scalability

Node API Updated Pricing_ Compute Unit Pricing for Limitless Scalability

Validation Cloud just launched a new pricing model for its node API to enable limitless scalability. The updated pricing plan includes several new features such as compute unit pricing, a revised Free Tier, and a new pay-as-you-go Scale Plan. With the new pricing model, node API users will now have the ability to auto-scale their access based on their monthly usage, providing limitless and cost-effective scalability.

Free Tier

All node API users can get started with the Free Tier which allows users up to 50 million compute units (CUs) per month. CUs are a way to track usage associated with your endpoints when successful requests are made. On the Validation Cloud platform, your monthly usage is determined by calculating the CUs for all endpoints associated with your account rather than the compute units for each individual endpoint.

Get started with the Free Tier to connect to leading networks Ethereum, Polygon, and more at

Scale Plan

For users wanting to unlock the full enterprise experience, you can now sign up for the Scale Plan, starting at $19.99/month to benefit from:

  • Global delivery network
  • Unlimited Compute Units (CUs)
  • Zero rate limits

Under the new plan, users will be dynamically charged based on monthly usage, with the price per 1M CUs decreasing as usage increases. The Scale Plan allows for limitless scalability, as the plan allows you to use unlimited CUs and will automatically scale as your usage increases above 50M CUs/month.

Unlock the full potential of Validation Cloud’s node API today by signing up for the Scale Plan at

About Validation Cloud

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