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Validation Cloud’s Node API Now Supports Bitcoin RPC

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Bitcoin is now integrated into Validation Cloud’s Node API. Validation Cloud is proud to support Bitcoin developers with our fast, secure, and reliable node infrastructure.

Bitcoin RPC
Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) are a critical component in blockchain architectures, enabling the execution of functions on a remote server—essentially acting as the backbone for many decentralized applications. By supporting Bitcoin RPC, Validation Cloud facilitates a direct communication line with the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing developers to request and retrieve information, initiate transactions, and interact with the blockchain in real time.
How to Connect to Bitcoin

Users can get started building on Bitcoin today at Validation Cloud offers up to 50 million Compute Units (CUs) per month for free to start building your applications. For limitless scalability, users can upgrade to the Scale Plan for unlimited CUs, zero rate limits, and a global delivery network. We’re looking forward to seeing what Bitcoin developers will create by building with Validation Cloud's performant Node API. For more information about Validation Cloud’s Bitcoin RPC support, access our docs here.

Supporting Innovations like Bitcoin Halving and Runes

Validation Cloud's Bitcoin RPC integration will support specialized RPC calls related to the recent Bitcoin Halving and BTC Runes. Bitcoin Halving, a critical aspect of Bitcoin, is when the Bitcoin in circulation is reduced by half. This occurs periodically every 210,000 blocks and affects the supply-side dynamics of the blockchain. By facilitating these specialized RPC calls, Validation Cloud is demonstrating its support for growing the Bitcoin ecosystem and supporting constant innovation.  

Bitcoin Runes, an innovation made available at the time of the Halving,  aim to provide a more scalable and efficient alternative for token issuance on Bitcoin. Validation Cloud’s performant Node API will support the increase of Bitcoin RPC calls that result from BTC Runes.

About Validation Cloud

Validation Cloud is a Web3 data streaming and infrastructure company that connects organizations into Web3 through a fast, scalable, and intelligent platform. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Validation Cloud offers highly performant and customizable products in staking, node, and data-as-a-service. Learn more at | LinkedIn | X